Research has shown constantly that diverse teams produce better results, provided they are well led . the ability to bring together people from different backgrounds, discipline #,culture, and generation and leverage all they have to offer ,therefore is a must to have leaders (Ibarra and hansen 2011:71)


workplace diversity is claimed to be one of the prominent , most important challenges facing mangers today. Demographic trends , supply patterns and increase in globalization imply a much more heterogeneous group of employees for a firm to be managed.

in any case, Hobman, Bordia, and gallios (2003) expressed that both teams victory and team connection relied on upon the organisation and the leader of the team . the achievement of a team includes making a differentiated team, as well as heading the team in most productive path via preparing them and spurring the allies towards the objective or destination(winter k.2008)

heading a diverse team includes inspiring and motivating the allies through associating and running the team towards the objective. This is proficient by the idea called transnational authority. in relational with Sullivan and Elenor(2006), transnational-authority is a strategy which consolidates the technique of the leader towards the vision and objectives of the organisation.

The business environment is always showing signs of change and teams differing is getting extremely basic so as to attain the craved objective and goals. leaders are currently always scanning for new and imaginative routes in which to extend proficiency and proper work efficiency in their organisation. A great and successful leader can attain team and organisation success by having the capability to always following up with every team activity. the leader ought to have the ability to make a group that contains individuals of diverse qualities, identities, skills, societies and instructive foundations and in the main-time have the ability to work all these aspects in a manner that will make the team accomplish its objectives.

images (3)The oil and gas industry is a diverse society as a whole where ethnic, culture, social, political and religious differences all come in to play.Furthermore in the oil and gas industry, its paramount to make diverse teams because it will encourage the comprehension of the different operations of the industry. diverse teams will likewise encourage development as far as better approaches for exploration objectives,new innovation development, and advancement. As a multinational global organisation shell employees are over 104,000 people from 110 countries plus they have diverse range of culture and backgrounds, personality and skills.  in a recent survey by shell named the cross culture understanding (CCU)  to see how their teams of employee work together it showed that  80% of the employees work together efficiently while they are in a group while the other 20% do not work together in that nature (Shell Plc  2012)

Bass said in (1985), there are four components of to transform leaders which are idealized impact, helpful inspiration, learned reproduction and individualized attention (William H., Parker s., Turner N., 2010). idealized impact portrays appeal and ardor of the leaders, motivational inspiration depicts the helpful and motivational conduct of the leader and the way leaders rouses the workers about the objectives, educated recreation is about how the leaders connect and propels inventive results from representatives and after that individualized thought portrays how the leaders offer consideration regarding every team member.

Team diversity is vital in every organisation. An organisation is prone to gain more and enhance productivity in the event that it contains diverse individuals with distinctive foundations. Through coordinated effort and team work, an organisation will have the ability to maximize on the accessible assets, accomplish favorable elements and in addition increase profitability and further enhance generally long haul survival of an organisation.

In conclusion diverse teams produce better result. The proficiency of a diverse team is ideal just when a leader knows how to oversee and lead an assorted productively towards a normal objective. Thus, a leader needs the capacity to coordinate and unite the abilities of all work from diverse societies, approaches, convictions of emotional and ethnicity to accomplish ideal effectiveness in an organisation


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